RIZZO's hydrogeological services include field-based site investigations, long-term groundwater elevation and groundwater quality monitoring, aquifer testing, and numerical groundwater modeling, as well as surface water elevation measurements, surface water quality surveys, and stream flow measurements.


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Data from our hydrogeological investigations are used to describe site-specific and regional groundwater and surface water conditions and hydrogeological characteristics, and to provide evaluation of the potential impacts of power generation, infrastructure, dam, and mining operations (including water use) on aquifers and surface water bodies.

Our hydrogeologists use Visual MODFLOW® Flex, RT3D, PHREEQC, MT3D, MODPATH, BIOPLUME III, and other open source software to simulate and graphically present modeling results for groundwater flow, hydraulic controls, excavation dewatering, solute transport, contamination biodegradation, and adsorption/desorption and other transport-related reactions.

Hydrogeology services include:

  • Contaminant Migration Modeling (Including Radionuclide Transport Modeling)
  • Dewatering System Design
  • Groundwater and Surface Water Physical and Chemical Characterization
  • Groundwater Monitoring & Sampling
  • Groundwater Reserve & Supply Assessments
  • Groundwater-Surface Water Interaction Assessments
  • Hydraulic Analyses
  • Hydrogeological Risk Evaluations
  • Modeling & Impact Analysis For Construction Dewatering
  • Monitoring Well Network Design & Installation
  • Numerical Flow Modeling
  • Packer, Pump, & Slug Testing
  • Seepage Analyses
  • Surface Water Quality & Quantity Assessments